Helping you manage your success in a changing world.

Capitol Advocacy Services Group is a multi-client governmental affairs firm that provides proactive legislative, governmental, and grass roots consulting services to a diverse group of clients throughout the State of Michigan. For more than a decade CASG has delivered premier consulting services to our clients. We move agendas and shape public to policy through our extensive network of personal and professional relationships.

Our unique blend of savvy, experience, and technical expertise will help any organization navigate through the legislative and political process to achieve the desired results.

Existing in this highly volatile environment with no political allies is a very dangerous and risky position. Organizations often find themselves thrust into the middle of legislative or political controversy and are unsure about how to proceed, or who to go to for guidance or assistance. Often times, the response to these threatening situations are critical.

Most organizations have an ongoing need to stay on top of legislative and political developments to operate in an effective manner. Constant monitoring is required to diffuse any problems before they gain momentum. Others see the need to develop relationships over time to ensure they won't be "blind-sided" by a potentially damaging initiative by natural enemies or interest groups with opposing views. Every scenario offers a potential opportunity, or risk, if you are not at the table when decisions are made.

Often times, "behind-the-scenes" guidance is necessary to effectively strategize and manage developing issues via the media, or legislative action. With the right guidance many problems can be can be curtailed or opponents can be neutralized by discrete and decisive actions.

In Michigan's tumultuous political environment, if you are not a participant you risk becoming a victim. CASG can help you develop relationships and protect your interests for many years to come by implementing our successful government relations program in a way that will complement your business objectives.

Capitol Advocacy means
Awareness, Advocacy, Opportunity, and Recognition

Capitol Advocacy Services Group
provides customized services to all of our clients. The services we provide your organization will be developed based on your specific needs, circumstances and timetable.

We realize that each client has unique circumstances. We take the time to learn the nuances of your business, and help prioritize your goals . The following is a basic list of the types of services we provide.
Meet regularly to discuss the political environment, establish priorities, and keep you informed of current activities regarding your issues.

Track all issues relevant to your organization, and monitor committee activity. Assist in preparing testimony or correspondence when appropriate.

Maintain constant communication and cooperation to assure that your organization is well represented.

Attend important functions or meetings to speak or answer questions on legislative and local issues affecting your organization.

Prepare periodic bulletins reviewing bills, regulatory proposals, and political developments for distribution to your team. If an issue requires immediate notification, we will prepare a "special release" bulletin.

Assist in establishing a grass roots awareness network, arrange regional meetings with legislators and local officials, act as a liaison to all state agencies, and facilitate meetings with appropriate government officials.

Actively seek out coalitions with like-minded interest groups to add awareness and political clout to your issues.

Aid in political action committee (PAC) development and management.

Meeting the Challenges of a Changing World

Partnering with Capitol Advocacy will provide your organization with the network and expertise it needs to establish and maintain a visible and professional profile that will facilitate effective participation in the decision-making process for years to come.

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